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Urban Farming

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The 'Operating System'

By allowing beneficial bacteria and fungi to flourish in your soil or grow medium, your plants will experience rapid growth and massive yields with minimal intervention on your part.

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Compost Tea

A potent liquid solution for the transfer of microbial biomass, fine particulate organic matter, and soluble chemical components.


Lactic acid bacteria serum improves air ventilation and mineral absortion. It is especially effective with fruit trees and leafy vegetables.


These microorganisms are useful in the soil for decomposition, immune defense, mineral uptake, and water retention.

Grow Systems

The 'Hardware'

It's easy to throw your seeds in the ground and wait for the magic to happen. But why not take the time to create strong support systems for your plants? We've put together guides for 3 smart growing systems fit for your home - each will support healthy plants and promote rapid growth, without requiring daily management.

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Grow Tower

This vertical tower can fit ~25 plants in a single 1m² of space. The hydroponic system enables rapid plant growth, higher yields and reduced water usage due to its closed-loop system.


This rotating, cylindrical system ensures plants receive optimum exposure to their light source. The Omega is self-watering and soiless, and is catered to those with a larger budget.

Wicking Bed

The wicking bed is ideal for those with smaller budgets and a larger gardening area. A reservoir below the soil feeds the plants via capillary action, allowing them to go unwatered for weeks at a time.

What is Permaculture?

"'Permaculture gives us a toolkit for moving from a
culture of fear and scarcity to one of love and abundance.' - Toby Hemenway"

“Conventional” agriculture requires ever-increasing inputs and energy into the system to maintain production. This approach is inherently unsustainable, working against nature to the detriment of people and the planet.

Permaculture is about harmonizing with nature so that the system mainatins itself in a energizing feedback loop. In agriculture, this approach results in enormous yields with minimal energy input.

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